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Gogo Nomvuka Traditional Healing Igqirha

Gogo nomvuka Traditional Healing

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Consultation is through spiritual means of connecting to God & my Ancestors. What we do is to look at as many aspects of you that appear, as well as testing from a list for a wide range of possible conditions, issues, assumptions or presences.

Then I ask questions to try and establish the validity of my observations and to see how the condition is making itself apparent.
We then discuss the reason for the condition being there and what can be done about it either with herbal or potentised remedies or different behavioural changes. These remedies comprise of healing abilities & symbolic spiritual significance. If necessary we will remove any entities and take them back to where they want to be.
Sometimes we can test your subconscious reaction with affirmations that you make in a way that it actually reaches your subconscious to gain access to the response and find out why the affirmation is sabotaged by your subconscious.

With Traditional African medicine, its belief is that illness is not derived from chance occurrences, but through spiritual or social imbalance, this differs greatly from modern scientific medicine, which is technically and analytically based.

Healing is one of natural remission.

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