**In honour of our clients we have withheld names**

Camagwini zindlondlo

“I met ugogo Nomvuka during the time there was a dark cloud hanging over my life. As a healer she came with love,warm,medicine & healing in my life. I was pregnant at the time going into my 3rd trimester.

Gogo Nomvuka was sent by ancestors to protect me & my family. She came to do cleansing ceremony to our home accompanied by ingwevu enkulu uZanemvula to lead the cleansing ceremony of which it was an honor for me because utata uZanemvula is our elder. The energy changed just after they finished cleansing and we had friends and family who witnessed all the ceremony.If it wasn’t for gogo Nomvuka’s present energy in my life

I don’t think we could have made with my baby during birth.Gogo Nomvuka is a very consistent healer. She hold a space for me since we crossed paths.

I was also blessed to witness her umphumo at Silvermine mountain in Muizenberg it was a powerful ceremony that I still have no words to describe.

She is my healer & my sister. I have great respect for her. Gogo Nomvuka brought healing,love and warmth in to my life.”


Family Sea ceremony

“I must admit while driving to the spot that my Sister had in mind for the ceremony I felt a bit nervous as I was unsure of what to expect and tried to make sense of the meaning of what we were about to do.

After we arrived and got settled I felt calm and decided to have an open heart and mind to experience everything that we are going to do. I realized that if I did not relax and focus on the events taking place I would miss out on receiving all the blessings, thus I opened my heart to receive all that was meant for me.

The feeling I felt when giving my gift to the ocean is something I can not really describe, but I am going to give it a try….

It felt like I was lifted and almost floated a little bit in the air as if I could walk forward and into the ocean but I would not be under the water. I am not going to lie and say that it freaked me out a bit, but did not make me feel anxious at all, I still felt calm within.

I felt like we connected with our family spiritually and could feel the presence of their love around us. I also felt a stronger bond growing between me and my sister, like we are the spiritual prayer warriors for our family.

This experience really cleared my mind and made me aware of the spiritual word there is as well. We sometimes forget that we must also focus on the things not seen. Live around us happens at such a fast pace, I learnt to try and focus on the smaller things in our daily lives that we take for granted and to be grateful for all of it, the good and the bad. The bad things would not happen without a reason, there are lessons to be learnt every day.

I am focusing on finding my balance everyday, and spend some time on my knees for as long as it takes…….

Being open minded of every situation and everyone that I come in contact with daily.

I am learning every day that it is okay to be yourself and to express how you feel, the people who are meant to be in your live will love and respect you for that.”

“Grateful for uGogo NomVuka for inviting us to share, learn, be part of and hold space at her ceremony.

Her graduation, through reconciliation with her paternal ancestors alongside her maternal family was beautiful.

Icamagu livumile Salukazi

The bones I walk with are not of animals but of tools fashioned by the souls of many – sharing the voices of all. ‘Ixhoba lengoma lihamba ne tshoba lalo'”

“When I came to see Lynne I was in a very dark place. My body was in pain and my feelings where all over the place.

When the work of the light came into the room during my session I knew the change was coming. I walked out with the pain I carried in my leg feeling lighter and my heart had been give more space to carry joy.

I have taken Jan se Dop for the full 3 months virus in my body which has cleared and the bleeding in my mouth has stopped and overall feel stronger.

I believe the work you doing Lynne is where the love of Our father gets to come and shine.”

“I met Lynne and booked a series of massages with her which I really thoroughly enjoyed …the environment is beautiful , healing and peaceful …Lynne has always given her best and tried to relieve me of my physical and obviously emotionally stresses , I can recommend her highly 🎼🎻🎶🦋🕊”

“It has been such an amazing experience working with Lynne. Each session we have had she held space for my transformation and growth with so much love and compassion. Her healing abilities are just magical and she is able to get you and guide you in the most profound ways. And the massages are fantastic too!!!”

“Wow. Lynn is amazing!!! She has healing hands. Felt like a million dollars after she massaged me. Always so sad when time is up. I don’t want her to stop.!!!! O how I wish i can go for a massage every day. Thanks Lynn, felt like a million dollars and a new person every time. Can face the world again. Loads of blessings for you and those hands”

An experience with Lynne begins from the moment you meet her. The sense of trust and love that radiate from her and the therapy room put you in the perfect mindset for a healing treatment. I have experienced a range of her treatments, from energy work, massage, to her foot ritual and reflexology. Be prepared to leave feeling loved, relaxed and well nurtured.

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