When you schedule an appointment with me, I believe it’s because you are ready & open to be guided in some way. In saying this, when booking an appointment you are agreeing to purchase my time. I can not charge for healing, as it’s not my personality to do so & one never knows what is going to happen/unfold during a consultation or session. It is an established fact that charging for healing disempowers the client in taking away full responsibility for their own spirit/soul evolving. Therefore “my role” as a Facilitator can lead to the loss of privilege in that capacity & can easily be taken away. We merely hold “the space” for your own inner awakening. Our philosophy is honouring Spirit through love, compassion & understanding, thus allowing one’s own inner healer to guide you.

**Pricing subject to change without prior notice

Terms and conditions

Method of payment

Preferred method – cash / EFT arrangements for long standing clients.

Cancellation Policy

Missed appointments without 24hr notification will be charged, full price of session reserved.

First time clients / late arrivals

To arrive 15 minutes prior to treatment, in order to meet & discuss/complete in-take forms. Late arrivals for any appointment, treatment time will be reduced accordingly.

Essential Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oils are blended per treatment unless otherwise specified when booking. We do not compromise on our oils. All of our products are of the best quality, guaranteed pure and unadulterated.

Extended operating hours

Per arrangement, at a surcharge of 25%

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+27 82 327 7785

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