A proudly South African initiated Traditional Healer in Xhosa Tradition & Holistic Therapist. Integrated approach in body, mind & spirit. Honouring clients through love, compassion and understanding.
“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it within himself” – Galileo

Lynne van Zyl / Gogo NomVuka

“Divine blessings, love & on-going gratitude to my immediate BeLoved family for their unconditional support throughout my “many seasons” and transformational journey. Special thanks to my Spiritual Teachers  and gratitude to all who have supported, guided and believed in me. To my “BELOVED”,  BeLoved family and soul connected friends who have crossed over… BeLoved SA is in honour of you all. Thank you for your on-going guidance & entrusting me with my greatest inheritance & gift, so I may serve others.

Gogo NomVuka

Through the spirit of Ubuntu, BeLoved SA reaches far beyond self, through service to humanity.

Her vision was born years ago, however it took decades and an intense health risk, having undergone her own transformation through dis-ease to show Lynne that this was was her calling.

In 2016, after living in & out of hospitals for almost 2 years, she relocated to rural Transkei Pondoland, Eastern Cape to heal. There she learnt of her sickness.

Ukuthwasa (initiation) is a process undergone by someone who has ubizo (Calling) from their Ancestors to become a healer. She answered her “Calling”, living and training with Sangorma’s in Pondoland for 2 years. From the moment she undertook her apprenticeship as Ukuthwasa, she was put onto a path of healing & rediscovery. This taught humility, bravery, resilience and, through it all, having the time to reprogramme herself; to re-awaken her purpose of serving and inspiring others. Though this her heart-felt dream, BeLoved SA was born.

After returning from Pondoland, she was guided to OTata Zanemvula, THP Peter Michael von Maltitz where she gained solid foundations in her path & development as an Igqirha

(I = Person ; GQI = Life force energy ; RHA =Full oF)


“There’s always room for a short story that can transport people to another time and place.”

― J.K. Rowling


Everyone has a story to tell. BeLoved shares hers.

In August after launching BeLoved, Lynne was baptised. On stage, surrounded by her congregation and some family, she relayed some of her story to the world. This is that story.


THP Peter Michael von Maltitz

THANK YOU & much love, Divine blessings & on-going gratitude to OTata Zanemvula. I am honoured & humbled to walk along side you. Solid foundations, guidance, unconditional love & unwavering support. My Amathongo carries your teachings with grace, humility & deep respect in service to humanity.

We give thanks & gratitude to our Elders, OTata Phillip Sobantu Kubukeli & OTata Dlamini my clan lineage. Makhosi Amakulu

Ukuthwasa initiation

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